Rachel's Portfolio

Rachel's biggest strenth is portraits. She will get as many as she can of you and all your guests that want to take them. Her hussle is REAL and her efficiency is one of the best. Trust her, because she knows what she is doing, and she does it right. Rachel is hands on with direction, and keeping with the schedule which is great for bigger (possibly crazier) families or bridal parties that may, or may not be good at listening. Come on, we all have THAT friend or Uncle Joe that delays things.... She loves kids and dogs so if they are invited to your wedding, just know that they will definitely have their picture taken. Having Rachel at your wedding is your key to success, because she not only does her job efficiently so you can get to the next formality, but she goes above and beyond to make sure that you have a perfect day and gets everything that she needs so you will LOVE your photos!