Tara... The City Gal!



Tara loves documenting the love in Philadelphia with street photography; capturing the hustle and bustle of the streets and buildings while people are living their lives all around her camera. She finds the beauty around every corner and loves to create art with a unique perspective. Her approach is a distinct style geared towards documentary and photojournalism to capture real honest candid images on your wedding day. She is the fly on the wall that makes sure the real time moments (big and small) have a still frame image that is meaningful to you. Creating a collection of images that match your personalities and that are truly authentic is the goal. Telling your wedding story by documenting it in this photojournalistic way, she will capture the raw and genuine candid moments that you can reminisce about in the years to come. Your photography coverage will be hands-off resulting in images unique to your wedding day. While most of your day’s images are captured un-staged or posed, she does enjoy getting creative during your portrait session where she can showcase your love towards each other to make sure your collection is complete. Your wedding day will have a unique opportunity to have traditional formals taken, genuine candid moments captured, and original portraits that cannot be reproduced. 

-Tara definitely has a moodier editing style, and loves the darker edits. If you love her darker rustic look with a hands-off approach, then Tara is definitely the photographer for you!