What if the photographer I choose doesn't have the date open?

We have another lead photographer that could possibly be available. Please see their portfolio to make sure that you like their style. Our editing style is the same for both lead photographers, so just make sure the style of photography is what you are looking for from any photographer you choose.

How many images will I receive?

That depends on how much time you need and how many photographers you have at your wedding. Obviously, the more time you have your lead photographer, and if you have a 2nd photographer, will give you the most photos. We don't have a limit on how many photos we give out because each wedding is different, however, we usually estimate 50-75 photos per hour per photographer.

Where are you based?

We are based in South Jersey.

Do you travel?

Yes! We travel but travel fees apply over a certain mileage. You don't expect our photographers to put all that wear and tear on their cars for nothing do you?

What if John is booked and I need a 2nd photographer for my wedding?

We have other photographers that we work very closely with all the time! We would most definitely be able to accommodate and make that happen as we know most of the main South Jersey/Philadelphia wedding photographers out there and promise you quality from all the professionals we work with.