A Production to Remember

Our goal is to capture your wedding in motion creatively. Our video team strives to catch the best moments, and the ones you never knew happened.

Inquire today to save your date before our video team does not have it available anymore.


Our highlight videos highlight the key points of your day in a creative way to music. Think of this as a beautiful music video of your wedding day. Video length depends on how long we are at the wedding and it is based on the events that happened in any artistic order that we thing works well together.


Our teasers are a perfect one minute video to post on social media to show your friends and family after the wedding! We expedite this video for you so you can have it that next week after the wedding. You have the option to have your video edited in a way that is fun, romantic, or a combination of both. This video was edited as a fun edit. A perfect add-on no matter what your day is like.

Proposal Video

Fellas, haven't proposed yet? Please contact us, as we are masters at the set up for this and what you need to do to make it perfect for her. We in fact are women, and know how we think, so we can definitely contribute to your plans to make it a master plan. For the guys that want to triple "WOW" her, pair photo and video to your plans to propose. She won't know what hit her.

An engagement video option is also available to tell your love story.

Bundle Photo and Video Perks

When you focus on bundling Photo and Video with second shooters for both, we can bonus you with different options such as drone photography, or a bonus Instagram reel, for no extra cost. Depending on the day, weather, and what inspires us, you may get something different and be pleasantly suprised with what we come up with.

Other things we offer

We also offer a documentary style edit, which is far too long to put on our website, but if you want full ceremony, dances, speeches, etc. this may be a good option for you. We also offer raw footage as well which is an unedited version of your wedding day. Drone footage is included in every package and we will fly as long as your venue allows it and permits (if needed) are pulled. You are responsible for any permits needed. We also welcome any other creative ventures that you have! Please contact us today for a quote.