Pricing & Packages

Our Photobooths

Our booths come with props, your
customized template and backdrop, an attendant, prints for all guests in the picture,
customized booth lighting and a USB drive at the end of the night with all of the pictures.
Upgrades are available.



What size are the templates?

The templates are 2x6”

Does the Photobooth come with a scrapbook?

There is an additional charge for the scrapbook.

How many pictures does it take?

Depending on your template, it will be either 3 or 4 pictures.

Does the Photobooth come with props?

Yes! The table is filled with props! Hats, sunglasses,
signs etc. If you would like to bring anything additional, that’s never a problem.

How many people can fit in a Photobooth?

As many that can fit! It is not uncommon to have up to 12 people in one shot!

How much space does the photo booth take up?

Usually, we request a 10x10 area.

What booth styles do you offer?

We offer open-air photo booths which means it is wide open and more of the guests get in the picture. The best thing about this is your guests in line can watch the craziness.

Do the prints print immediately?

Yes, within 8 seconds, prints will be handed out to your guests.

How many copies of the strips do we get when a photo is taken?

It depends on the package, but everybody in each picture will receive a print. Extra prints are available at an additional charge.

What type of events have a Photobooth?

Our Photobooths will do any event, such as Weddings or Mitzvahs, as long as it is inside.

Are pictures posted on social media?

Yes, we are active on social media. When the client signs the contract, the disclosure allows us to use any images from the event.

Do you provide an attendant?

Yes, an attendant will be at the booth to make sure everything is going well.

What if I want more pictures printed?

That’s no problem, but an additional cost would apply.

Where does the booth get set up?

That depends on your preference and the venue availability with space. Usually, we are set up in the main ballroom at weddings or in a room nearby.

Will our guests know the booth is available for use?

At events with DJs, bands, or an EMCEE for the evening, we will periodically ask them to make announcements about the Photobooth.