Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

Yes, she has absolutely heard that Brady Bunch joke before, but don't worry, she can catch a football, and even take some amazing photographs of your wedding day. Marcia is known to be very stealthy at her trade where people hardly notice she is there during the ceremony/reception and she will surprise you with the photos she gets. She is fun, direct, ready for the moment, and can organize a large bridal party and family portraits like a boss. Her goal is to get everything that she needs pictures of all while helping keep with the schedule so you get to the next planned event. Her action shots are awesome, and with a fast-paced environment, such as a wedding day, you need a photographer that can handle the action. If that is the case, Marcia is your girl. She's got your back and best interest in mind. Strengths: Lighting, organizing large groups, keeping to the schedule, details, wide-angle shots, capturing action in her stills, all while having a great time. Weaknesses: She will want to pet your dog.