Documentary vs. Cinematic

A Documentary Style wedding video gives you a play-by-play of your wedding day usually in chronological order and edited to keep the audience engaged based on the main events that are scheduled while filming. This is the traditional approach to the style of video and is included in every package we offer. However, you can upgrade the package to a Cinematic style wedding video if you like that style better.

A Cinematic Style wedding video is more artistically put together, includes the important moments still, and is edited to your choice of song preferences. It is usually not edited chronologically and focuses on telling your day’s story in a creative way. This requires more of an editing process because of the artistic twist and added details we put in the video.

A Highlight Video, like the ones shown below, is a 2-3 minute “teaser” that you can upgrade your package with. This is a short cinematic video that keeps the viewer’s attention and you receive it before the longer videos mentioned above. The highlight video is artistically put together and does not include all of the main events like the documentary or cinematic videos mentioned above would. It is more romantic, fun, and an emotional short film that you can put on social media to show family and friends.

We include microphones for vows/speeches and shoot all our videos in high definition. Please let us know what style fits your day better and we look forward to documenting a beautifully edited video of your wedding day.