My mission is to be with you for a lifetime.  I want to grow with you and be your personal photographer when you have your engagement session, wedding, maternity, newborn, and whole family together as an evolved being.  The biggest honor that I could receive is developing a relationship with you and keeping it throughout our lifetime together one portrait at a time.  -Marcia



I love shooting people in general, but there's something so special that happens when I shoot pregnancy.  The glow that women have is incredible.  We were meant to do this as women and it shows with our attitudes, instincts, and determination.  Sharing it with the one you love who is sworn to protect you both makes it even more powerful through my lens.  You will want to remember this time in your life with each beautiful baby you make.  

Kids, Toddlers, Infants, and Newborns 

Little people are so much fun and I know the best way to get them to look at the camera!   

My style with newborn sessions is definitely photo-journalistic.  I like to be in a place where you feel comfortable with your newborn, like your own home.  However, I can recommend a few other nice locations and I also have a few fun props to pick from. 

Infants are so pure hearted- a 6 month anniversary is a perfect age to have photos done.  I recommend these photos be done outside and I highly recommend using some cute props.  

Toddlers have so much energy and they are so adventurous.  Lets all go on a journey and explore things together.

Kids say the darndest things and are so fun to work with!  I highly recommend a fun session with them.  While you all bond together, I'll be there to capture all the moments you have with each other.



Family is very important to me.  This is the time where everyone comes together so you may have this documented for generations to come.  You want these pictures to be great quality because anything less won't make for good framing in your house.  Brighten up your social media site with these photos for all your family and friends to see.  Wouldn't it also be nice to hand down these photos so future generations can say, "Wow, my family is so good looking," and "Look at how our Sally looks just like her great grandmom"?  I know I appreciate looking at old family photos.  Make it possible for your family, too.